AUSTRALIA (Whore of the World)

Australia is the world's biggest coal exporter, yet we take no responsibility for the coal that is shipped off our shores and ultimately burned overseas in places like China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Hundreds of millions of tonnes per year. With the spectre of climate change already upon us, this is surely perverse? Not to mention hypocritical.....? And yet we're actually ramping up our coal and gas exports in a shameless frenzy. (What's happenning in Queensland in the Surat, Bowen and Galilee Basins is nothing short of a manic coal and gas rush). It's time for Australia to stop being 2 faced and to stand up for what's right. To act with dignity, not keep digging holes in the ground and pretending it's all ok.. business as usual.....weak governments harvesting royalties and fat entrepreneurs getting fatter. And forget the anecdotes put out by the government and the miners; eg that if we dont sell the coal, someone else will; the plentiful jobs, and sovereign risk. All lazy excuses. Make that lies. Australian coal is the lifeblood of world coal. The vital artery. Our coal enables Climate Change. No ifs. No buts. It's time to be a world leader with principles - foregoing shert term commodity riches for the sake of the future and health of the Earth. Cos we only got one world.... We should lead by example. If we lead others will follow.

AUSTRALIA (Whore of the world) is a climate change protest song that tells it how it is. Help spread the word.

Singer wants you to know: nation is a whore

From: AAP, April 08, 2011 8:26AM

QUEENSLAND songwriter John Gordon will perform his controversial anti-mining song, which calls Australia a whore, in Toowoomba after radio stations refused to play it.

The emerging coal seam gas (CSG) industry in the Darling Downs has angered farmers and the community who fear CSG mining will ruin the environment, poison underground water and devalue their land.

Gordon's song, Australia (Whore of the World), accuses the country of allowing mining companies to do whatever they want for money.

The song also refers to Australia as washing its hands of the climate change consequences its coal creates.

"What Australia is doing, sending hundreds of millions of tonnes of coal offshore each year, in this age of climate change, is not only irresponsible, it's highly perverse," Gordon said.

"The song's message shines a light on this well-rehearsed practice of washing our hands of our coal and being almost in denial about what happens to it when it reaches its destination."

AUSTRALIA (Whore of the World)

Words and Music by John Gordon

Australia, like a great big whore
With an open door
For the miners to tramp on in
And dig a great big hole
Cart away your soul
Ship it out to sea
I can see those ships lined up for you girl...

Australia, whore of the world
Like some sad street girl
Who cant say no to the money
You let 'em blast a hole
Open cut your soul
Rail it off to sea
Not sure which way it's gone to honey...

You know I find it so perverse
Maybe a little too well rehearsed
How you wave goodbye and then you go wash your hands...
I want you to come with me
We'll sail across the sea
And we'll watch all that high grade black coal get burned...

Australia, like a Chinese moll
They're mockin' you girl
Mockin' you as they steal away your soul
Your politicians, aint got no spine
They train 'em not to have any vision,
Just toein' some ancient party line

You know I find it so perverse
I'm calling this our national curse
How you wave goodbye and then you go wash your hands...
I can feel the climate changin'
I can feel the Earth's in Danger
So how you keep doin' this I don't understand?

Lead break

Australia, let us rejoice, for we are young and free
Our land abounds, in natures gifts, of beauty rich and rare...